About us

Gallery of Contemporary Art PRO3 Gallery in Krakow was founded in 2005 with the initiative of Zbigniew Latała and functions as a private gallery. In the collection we have nearly 250 titles of works by prominent contemporary artists (such as Jan Lenica, Waldemar Świerzy, Rafał Olbiński, Francis Starowieyski) as well as those carefully selected young artists. We also have the opportunity to collect a large number of collector posters and photographs and graphics not present in the current offer.

The Gallery cooperates with many cultural institutions, Polish embassies and universities, organizing exhibitions, multimedia presentations and artistic promotions in Poland and in the world. We organized or co-organized events in such cities as Cracow, Warsaw, London, Genoa, Dublin, Berlin, Toronto, New York and Shanghai.

We would like to look at the artwork exhibited by our gallery for your pleasant, often intriguing moment and also the inspiration of everyday life. We invite you to the on-line shop or to an individual meeting at the PRO3 Gallery at ul. Józefa 6/4 in Cracow.

Dyrektor Galerii PRO3
Zbigniew Latała